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At Bridge, we are working to create a community where AI models can be shared freely with anyone who wants to use them, regardless of their technical expertise. Our open-source platform paired with User interface building library will enable anyone who wishes to implement AI in their daily life, research, and business to do so with drag and drop simplicity. We realized that though AI is ubiquitous, most people are unable to apply it due to the skills barrier that exists. To implement AI models, users need to have a baseline level of coding knowledge. This prevents many from ever being able to access AI unless they consult someone with the needed expertise, which is often costly. Our solution to this problem is an open-source platform where developers of AI models can publish their models, and users can implement these models completely online without needing to write any code.

Our Story

Our Team

  • Subin Erattakulangara

    Director , Cofounder

    Phd scholar, University of Iowa

  • Aravin Sivamurugan

    CEO , Cofounder

    MD Candidate, University of Iowa

Our Advisors


Siva Paramasamy

Head of Engineering at
Wells Fargo Consumer Lending

John Courtney

Operating partner at

Shamus Roeder

Senior product manager at

Anu Adison

Senior machine learning engineer at
keyvalue software systems